UI/UX is an ever-evolving field and takes a lot of user testing, user research and versioning. Taking your everyday experiences and interactions into account will make your UX design top-notch. During the course of our day we interact with many user interfaces. Whether your checking out at the grocery store or dealing with an online transaction UX design is critical to each basic transaction. Unfortunately, many remember more of their bad user interface experiences rather than the ones that run smoothly. This is the very reason why good UX is critical and that’s why Trihelix Software does the research for you.

My “SuperHuman” app concept was recently featured on Springboard.com as an emerging concept to make your everyday tasks easier. The app is based on a concept of aggregating all of your most frequently used apps. “SuperHuman” app brings your VIP cards, gym memberships and payment processing into one interface. The app processes your most frequently used apps upfront during setup and calculates how much time is spent on each app. If there are apps on your phone that do similar tasks it notifies you. As a user you get to decide which app is working best. Instead of combing through your settings and deleting each app individually this app is the “Marie Kondo” app de-cluttering all your apps on the backend.

Although the “SuperHuman” app is just a concept it shows the strength of the UX Designer. As a UX Designer I have to think about personas, empathy mapping, user flows and user testing. Check out my latest feature on Springboard.com to learn more about the UX process: Springboard.com Student Success (Nicole Hazelett).