Training Development Services

TriHelix Software Training Staff

Video Production Services

Mobile Learning

Training Development Services

Content Development

  • Training and Certification Programs
  • 2D and 3D Training Simulation
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Video Production Services
  • Live Distance Learning
  • Mobile Device Development
  • Self-paced Learning Development

Staff Augmentation

  • In-tact team creation including hire, train, maintain and support
  • Includes developers, subject matter experts, trainers, support and hardware maintenance
  • On or off-premise staffing
  • Full or mixed management models
  • Project based or ongoing
  • Ability to separate staff from larger entity

Corporate University Solutions

  • Learning Systems Integration and Support
  • Custom branding and identity creation and consulting
  • Marketing and digital commerce
  • Content translation and localization
  • Mixed media delivery platforms
  • Operations consulting

Types of Training


Live or Virtual instructor-Led Training

Social / community based learning

Mobile Devices (Podcasts and Vodcasts)

2D and 3D Training Simulation Development

Content Development Process

TriHelix Training Staff

Course Developers

  • Instructional designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • Editors
  • Desktop publishers


  • Technology specific
  • Professional/management
  • Bilingual
  • Scientific/engineering
  • Product training

Video Production Services

  • Capture important moments from training events
  • Produce scenario-based training events
  • Broadcast a live learning event
  • Record learning conferences
  • Add video to courseware
  • Studio or location
  • Professional editing
  • Voice-over and music
  • Video hosted in any format

Web Casting and Hosting

  • On-Site Capture
  • Blended Picture-in-Picture Format
  • Synchronous Presenter Audio, Video,
    Full-Motion Slides and Background Graphics
  • Multiple Feeds
  • Streamed Live and/or Captured and Uploaded as a Video-On-Demand Web Solution
  • Video Platform Hosting
  • Easy & Secure Access to Video Catalog
  • Custom-branded Web Portal
  • User Registration – Secure Access
  • eCommerce – Increase revenue by selling live or on-demand access
  • Full Reporting on User Access

Mobile Learning

Mobile Access & Mobile Platforms

  • Access to learning environments from mobile devices

Primary Features:

  • Learning content available on mobile devices (iPhone/Pad, Android, Blackberry etc.)
  • Keep in touch with learning content on the go
  • Manage accounts and assign work anywhere / anytime
  • Work in most popular authoring environments
  • Secure access to content

Certificate Program

  • Core competency to design, create, implement and support certification programs


  • Many industries demand accreditation through a formal certificate


  • Value of certification is supported by the rigger of the process
  • Proof of know-how
  • Expires annually
  • Revocable for cause
  • Can be validated by third party

2D & 3D Simulation Training

  • Students learn to use hardware in an interactive online environment with simulated hardware labs.
  • Courses use a learn and try format to reinforce each skill along the way.
  • Simulated equipment responds the same as the real device.
  • Students learn from mistakes.
  • LMS can record all actions performed on the simulated device.

Self Paced Learning

  • Delivery platform
  • Registration system
  • Blended learning support
  • Leverage ILT content
  • Reach larger audience
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Hosted / cloud based
  • Highly secure
  • Customizable
  • Testing / measurement
  • Reporting

Live Distance Learning

  • Scheduling system
  • Training for instructors
  • Logistics
  • 3D virtual meetings
  • Help Desk support
  • Collaborative platform
  • Voice over IP
  • Student workgroups
  • Remote labs
  • Robust reporting

Example Major Training Clients

Case Study Microsoft

  • ARI was contracted for a full blended learning suite (SCOE – Security Center of Excellence) in Microsoft Services Training rolled out worldwide
  • 2006-2008 various small short courses on-line and classroom training
  • 2009 ARI hired by both Microsoft and General Physics (GP) to develop on-line courseware in Silverlight and ILT materials
  • ARI retains preferred vendor status
  • 2010 Microsoft hires ARI for 3D virtual world
  • training course pilot
  • Working with Microsoft sales, legal, advertising
    technology services, health services group
    and marketing

Case Study eBay Education Specialist

  • Make training available to a wide audience of instructor candidates and test their knowledge
  • Use simulations and multiple user interactions on a custom delivery system
  • Test participants to certify them as instructors
  • Supply new instructor pool with current student materials

Case Study Sodexo

  • ARI was contracted to build scenario based learning for a one year on boarding program called Come Alive with Sodexo
  • Students take sections of the training and receive certifications which combine over time to full course completion
  • A guide takes the learners through a variety of scenarios where characters are introduced and
    challenging situations are encountered
  • The course was developed using 3D
    assets over a Flash environment

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