Why is Magento a top tier eCommerce Platform?

Why Magento Is arguably the Best eCommerce Platform? It is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms in the present day market. It is used by over a third of online stores including some of the largest retail companies in the world, but is still easily deployed by the smallest.  The main features of Magento web development platform include the following:


  • Open-Source Technology – well established, lowers cost to implement, very well supported code base
  • Custom Development Support – architected well for customization
  • Seamless Third Party Integration, massive API base, most third parties support out of the box
  • SEO Capabilities – well structured SEO capabilities built in
  • Customizable Themes & Templates
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Wide Range of Plugins – large base of plugins available
  • Offers limitless options for eCommerce and complex web design and development
  • Dynamic and rule-based relationship of products
  • Supports many options for smooth check-out to enable instant purchases
  • Supports Elasticsearch technology to increase the targeted traffic – one of the best available
  • Support numerous features and categories for the product like new arrivals, best sellers, prices categories, interest categories and much more
  • A comprehensive and powerful dashboard to monitor your entire online business on a single location
  • Offers high availability and reliability
  • It is very easy to use with relatively shorter learning curves – very configurable even for small businesses
  • It is based on PHP so it is a great platform to run on Zend, MySQL, and other platforms
  • It is a profoundly secure and safe platform
  • Offers structural and segment-oriented hierarchy for the products
  • Offers simple check-out procedure

Why is Magento a complex implementation?

eCommerce environments can range from very simple to very complex depending on your needs.  Magento’s capabilities cover a very wide range of functionality and can be extended, but the more you do, the more you integrate, the more complex the implementation and support.  For instance:


  • Integrations with ERP systems
  • Integrations with inventory and warehouse management systems
  • Complex style, color, size configurations
  • Complex BOGO configurations
  • Complex, multi-store configurations
  • Complex rewards programs

Why partner with TriHelix Software to implement Magento?

Yes, there are many Magento developers out there, but an eCommerce implementation requires far more than simply developing code. We work with you to build an eCommerce requirements and implementation roadmap before configuration or coding starts which significantly reduces problems later on, we know where the landmines are and how to avoid them.


  • We have a very long history of building eCommerce solutions
  • We have implemented may different shopping cart solutions
  • We have built many custom eCommerce platforms from scratch
  • We have integrated eCommerce with many different ERP systems
  • We have integrated eCommerce with inventory management and warehouse management systems
  • We have integrated eCommerce solutions with most major payment processors and some smaller ones
  • We have built and managed many complex cloud based systems

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