Laravel framework is an open source framework for web development that greatly enhances the productivity of software development shops.  In the classic software development project, the project blocks are defined, along with all the interactions with those blocks. There are different aspects to the project that are relevant to every block (i.e. security, multi-tenancy, database access, etc.).  Laravel allows architects and developers to focus on the specifics of the individual blocks and how they are connected, knowing that the important aspects of the project are handled correctly by the framework.

Laravel being an open source framework, allows developers to use and instantiate the Laravel classes directly, or override them if bugs are found or improvements need to be made.  Are you working with message queues, or creating an administrative dashboard, tools for this are available in Laravel. Do you need your system to email people at different points in the process, Laravel makes it easy to use a third party email services or your own.  Need to create a special task that can be re-used all over your site, Laravel gives you the tools you need to create modern, maintainable, web based applications.

Laravel’s approach to its framework allows for easy integration into your continuous integration and development stack, so iterations and improvements are more agile.  Laravel has created an ecosystem of great extensible code, and a worldwide list of developers that are constantly improving the way you create and build better web based applications.